Dr István Bárány Sports Swimming Pool
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    Swimming Pool

    About the swimming pool

    The sports swimming pool, built in Eger in 1925 and named after István Bárány, is the first 50-metre swimming pool in Hungary. The main value of the swimming pool is the pool which was built on a spring. The pool is fed by thermal water breaking through a bed of stones.

    The swimming pool, completely revived and inaugurated in 2018, currently operates an 8-lane pool, which can be divided into two 25-metre pools using moveable walls. A new teaching pool as well as a pool with warm thermal water, have also been built.

    The swimming pool was named after István Bárány, who was born in Eger, and who won a silver medal at the 1928 Olympic Games in 100-metre free style swimming, becoming the best European at the Games.

    Dr. István Bárány Swimming Pool
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